Bad puns with my last name aside, the name of this blog represents something that wasn’t part of any of our vocabularies a few years ago. The idea of content being “shareable” was definitely not something we talked about in internal communications. Sure, we shared content from leaders to employees, but that’s the only way it flowed. In the last few years, we began to expand the concept to sharing from employees to leaders and peer to peer.

Now we use it in an even broader way. Content flows in every direction internally, but we now talk about content being “shareable” with people outside of the company through employees’ social networks. It reminds me of when they broke the fourth wall on television (It’s the Gary Shandling Show, anyone?): the lines are blurrier, the stories are more sophisticated, and the world is bigger.

I have been in marketing and communications in global companies for almost 20 years. I have focused on internal communications and leading internal communications teams for over 10 of those years.

Most recently, I led an experienced team of internal communications, knowledge management and digital workplace professionals in a global consulting firm. And we have been seeing a true shift in the workplace like none of us has ever seen before.

The good news is that we have new tools and techniques to help us. So I  decided to start this blog to share what we are learning but more to send out the call to all of you to find out what you are doing and seeing, particularly in global companies. Please schair (OK, last bad name pun, I promise).